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What You Can Expect From a Kids Orthodontist Visit in North Vancouver

Taking your child to the orthodontist doesn’t necessarily mean they need braces. Just like your child’s first dental checkup, an orthodontic checkup is important. 

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that you schedule this checkup around the age of 7 years old. This visit is merely an evaluation to identify and prepare for any predicted orthodontic issues.

If you’re based in North Vancouver, here’s what to expect from a kids orthodontist visit.

Meeting Your Kids Orthodontist 

When you first arrive at the orthodontist’s office, the reception staff will greet you and generally give you a tour of the office. This is important for young patients to put them at ease. 

After this, you’ll be introduced to your child’s pediatric orthodontist. 

Before you bring your child into the office, it’s important to explain that an orthodontist is similar to a dentist. They have completed 3-years of additional training and specialize in specific dental problems. 

The Goal of the First Appointment 

After this, your child will undergo an overall clinical evaluation of their mouth and teeth. 

During this time, the orthodontist will take photographs and x-rays of the teeth and mouth. From there, your orthodontist will offer a diagnosis. They will identify and explain any foreseeable orthodontic problems in the future. 

If your child needs orthodontic treatment, they’ll have to get impressions of their teeth taken. This is to help the orthodontist determine a specific treatment plan to solve any future issues. 

Introduction of Treatment Options 

Bear in mind that your child might be a little too young to be fitted with orthodontic appliances such as retainers, braces, expanders, or Invisalign right away. 

The point of the consult is to identify any issues that need fixing a little later on down the line. From here, the orthodontist will explain possible treatment options. Some of the most common include: 

Traditional Braces 

With the use of gentle, constant pressure, braces move the teeth into their proper positions. Braces are fitted to the teeth with two main components: brackets and an archwire. The brackets are affixed with dental cement or glue, then threaded with the archwire to move the teeth into alignment.


This treatment serves the same purpose as braces, however, it does not use wire or brackets. Rather, Invisalign uses clear, custom-fitted aligners to gradually move teeth into place. Every two weeks, your child will receive a new set of aligners as the teeth slowly shift into alignment. 

A Palatal Expander 

If the upper jaw needs widening to make room for the teeth, a palatal expander is used to apply gentle pressure to the upper molars.

A Quad Helix 

Similar to a palatal expander, this treatment uses four springs to widen the arch of the mouth. If teeth are overcrowded or your child has a posterior crossbite, the quad helix is a very effective solution. 

A Lip Bumper 

This is a necessary treatment when the molar teeth must be moved backward to make room for the lower teeth. 

The Next Step 

After your treatment options have been discussed, your orthodontist will advise on when the treatment should begin. 

If it’s only a few years’ time, you won’t need to worry too much about it until then. If your child is a little older and ready for orthodontic treatment, the next step is to schedule an appointment to have the appliance placed.

You will also be able to discuss payment plans for necessary treatment before you agree to have them placed. 

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