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Should My Teen Get Braces?

Taking care of your teenager as they grow into their smile can often feel heart-breaking. In some cases, their misaligned or gap teeth may stop a teenager from smiling or may result in them covering their mouths in moments when they should be displaying their joy. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case.

Today, many children around the world happily get braces at some point during their teenage years, taking advantage of their developmental phase to form a smile that would last them for a lifetime. However, although braces are more popular than ever, you may still have some reservations about your child getting braces. To help ease your mind, we will be exploring some of the top reasons you should consider getting braces for your teenage child.

It Helps Boost Their Confidence

One of the core benefits of getting braces for your teenage child is that they often act as a confidence booster. The fantastic smile braces can deliver after treatment can wow friends and families for years to come, helping boost their self-esteem and reduce any insecurities. This rise in self-assuredness promotes their ability to embrace their expanding world.

On the other hand, children with orthodontic issues such as crossbites or misaligned teeth may feel tremendously self-conscious about their smiles. This timidness about their appearance may lead to them retreating into their shells as they struggle to tackle new experiences. Additionally, by allowing them to wear braces at an age when they are still popular among their peers, they can also feel more comfortable.

If you believe your child is struggling with confidence issues and may benefit from wearing braces, do not hesitate to drop us a call or book an appointment. Smiles by Pocock is an orthodontic practice in North Vancouver, and we would be glad to offer any assistance.

Braces Improves Their Oral Health

It is common knowledge that food gets stuck all around our mouths when we eat. Yet, while our brushes and flosses are excellent at cleaning straight teeth, they often fall short when they come against misaligned or crooked teeth. Naturally, this design pattern may mean that your teen will struggle to efficiently brush or floss if they have issues with their smiles, leading to problems such as gum disease or tooth decay.

Today, there are few better ways to solve orthodontic issues than by working with your orthodontist to get a set of braces. After treatment, your child’s braces will be able to solve tremendously challenging problems, such as crossbites, overbites, and other forms of malocclusion. 

It Strengthens Their Bite

Getting the right amount of nutrients from your food is extremely important for a growing child. Unfortunately, having a poor alignment of teeth can often impede this.

Complications with chewing may also lead to a poor breakdown of food, leading to slower digestion. Fortunately, braces are excellent at solving this issue in children. Once your teenager’s braces begin to realign their teeth, they should find it much easier to chew and digest their food.

Braces are a Perfect Pair for Teenagers

During their teenage years, it is tremendously beneficial for orthodontists like us to explore and find solutions to various orthodontic complications. By allowing your child to get braces at this age, you give them a chance to build their self-esteem and explore their teenage years with confidence, joy, and a beautiful smile.

If you believe your child may benefit from wearing braces, please do not hesitate to set up an appointment. Our team of orthodontists has extensive experience fitting braces for teenagers and will be glad to help your child closer to their perfect smile.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about the process, kindly leave us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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