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Covid-19 Office Protocols

Updated March 2021

Dr. Pocock and his team have all received the first dose of their COVID-19 Vaccine. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Updated May 2020

Preamble: The primary objectives of reopening the office is for everyone’s safety, yourselves, and our patients. If you or any of our patients are not comfortable with the measures that we have put in place please do not feel that you are in any way being coerced into working , or attending at the office if you don’t want to. We have renovated the office with brand new flooring, wall paint, waiting chairs, computers and Perspex screens. We also have dividers between chairs to ensure social distancing.

  1. Patients will be invited to the office one at a time, they will phone us when they arrive outside the office and wait to be invited up when the front desk area is clear. The patient’s car or sidewalk is our new waiting room!

  2. Ideally only the patient comes up to the office, young children may bring one parent with them, but ideally the parent will stay out of the clinic area.

  3. We will need to know any orthodontic treatment concerns they have before entering the office. If there are any questions or concerns after the appointment, the patient or parent can call the office.

  4. When booking the appointment, please let the patient or parent know to brush their teeth before coming as our toothbrush station is closed. They will also need to be asked to bring their own facemask/cover, and eyewear.

  5. They will sign a Covid questionnaire and Covid informed consent (only on first visit), disinfect their hands and be wearing a mask.

  6. Staff will bring them into office, take their temperature at the font desk, seat them, disinfect their hands, then place a bib on the patient. New patients with a parent should have the patient wait by the panX while parent is seated in room.

  7. Staff will have washed hands before, after, and possibly during the procedure.

  8. Clinic Staff will have minimally a white coat, surgical mask, gloves, and eye protection (Face shield). They may have boot covers, a hat and gown if legislated.

  9. Staff will have signed a Covid questionnaire at the start of the day and have their temperature taken and don a clean white lab coat.

  10. There are columns in Dolphin for the patients Temperature and completed Covid questionnaire.

  11. No patient or staff person is to come to work if they are sick.

  12. All flat work surfaces should be clutter free and everything should be placed in cupboards wherever possible.

  13. Initially no more than four patients can be in the office at one time. Eventually we can go to a maximum of six.

  14. Parent chairs are not to be used. If a parent wants to be close then they will have to be in the first chair near the bench, which will then have to be wiped down.

  15. Before each visit, wash your hands, replace your gloves, mask etc. Wipe down your unit, chair, and stool. Discard your gloves, wash hands, and wear new gloves. Bring the patient in without touching anything until the patient is in the chair (with mask and gloves on). Drape patient and prepare for appointment. They should have already told us any issues so you can have gathered what you need before seating them.

  16. We are going to use non aerosol techniques which will reduce risk considerably for all.

  17. If needed, we will have a special devise called an Xuction unit which will attach to the high-speed vacuum and remove 96% of droplets etc. There will be special air purifiers in the office to deal with any remaining aerosols. (There will be no auxiliary fans in the office.)

  18. Bonding will be performed with either popsicles or non etch primer, so no need for air water syringe. Use tooth dryer not air syringe. If water needed use a monojet and saliva ejector or Nola.

  19. Debonding will be performed old fashioned using scrapers (I have ordered extra from Hu Friedy with disposable extra blades). Then various slow speed burs we have ordered several types and figure out what works best for you.

  20. Some appointments we will move to virtual. For example, the first retainer appointments such as the initial PH1 and PH2 as well as the final dismissal appointment. Eventually we will build these into your normal schedule with either Zoom or skype using your computers, iPads, or phones.

  21. Other virtual appointments may be initial consults, and appointments for those who are distant to us.

  22. We will adhere to the College guidelines as they evolve. I will give you copies of the current ones and we will update these as things evolve.

  23. No lower fixed retainers for now. If someone has a broken one, we will fix or possibly remove it and have them wear a lower removable retainer. Upper 1-1 are OK.

  24. All patients will rinse their mouths with hydrogen peroxide before their appointment.

  25. Staff lunch breaks will be staggered. Each staff will have 30 minutes, instead of 60, to make sure there are no more than 2 people in the staff room at once.

  26. Front desk staff will periodically during the day wipe down flat surfaces at front desk and waiting room and door handles front and back as well as the outside desk.

  27. Clinic staff will wipe down the general flat surfaces periodically through out the day.

  28. Packages will be left at the front door , they will be sprayed with Lysol and then brought into the office.

  29. It is recommended that staff change their clothing and foot wear before leaving the office.

  30. Your uniform will be your scrubs, your gown will be your white coat. (Some gowns may be used for debands).

  31. We have had 2 staff meetings to discuss a plan our Covid protocols.

I’d like to personally thank all of you for socially isolating and being a part of the solution. If you are a frontline worker or working in an essential service, I’d like to specifically share my gratitude for you and acknowledge your incredible contribution in this most difficult time. 

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