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Our Care Commitment is lived out by each member of the Smiles by Pocock family. As we will get to know each other over the coming years, please take a moment to introduce yourself to the people who deliver our great care. We always enjoy when children share their latest adventures and how often they have become “dental health enthusiasts” with their friends (could be the Smiles Rewards). We also value all direct and honest feedback from parents and patients so that we can continually advance the level of service that we provide you.

Jordana Kaiman

Debbie Doi – Ortho CDA

Debbie has been an established CDA since 1987 and an Ortho CDA since 1992, the same year she began working for Dr. Pocock in his Surrey and North Vancouver offices. Along with her daughter, she is proud to have graduated from orthodontic treatment with Smiles by Pocock. A part-time team member, Debbie is responsible for all aspects of clinical work and patient care while in treatment, and is an integral part of establishing a patient's confident smile. She loves seeing a patient's reaction when their braces are removed, revealing their new smile for the first time. Since 2008, Debbie's other career passion includes working for the school district as an education assistant, helping children who require extra care and support. Outside of work, Debbie enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching her daughter play soccer and volleyball, travelling, reading, and relaxing at her vacation home.

Jordana Kaiman

Janice Rothenbush – Ortho CDA, Reception

With 25 years experience as an Ortho CDA in general dentistry, Janice began her dental career at Vancouver Children's Practice in 1981 and joined Dr. Pocock in 1997 for 8 years as a treatment coordinator. A North Shore resident since 1992, Janice raised her son (23) and daughter (21), while pursing various professions including, hairdressing, co-owning Deep Cove's Ivy Cove Gifts (with her own silver jewellery line), followed by the Red Tulip Gallery in Lynn Valley in 2008. She has returned to Smiles by Pocock as a receptionist, duties she also fulfilled early in her career. Janice greets patients and schedules appointments, the foundation to getting to know the families, which is an aspect of her job she finds the most rewarding. When not in the office, Janice loves spending time with Bear, her Golden Newfie, and has fun hiking, cooking, and golfing, among other sports.

Jordana Kaiman

Jordanna Kaiman – New Patient Coordinator

Jordanna has been part of the Pocock Family since 2008, coming from a career in the retail sector where she managed sales and customer service teams. Her daily activities include: greeting people on their very first visit; booking new patient exams; as well as reception and administrative services. Patients can rely on Jordanna to provide clear guidance on the overall process that lies ahead, and a listening ear for any detail to enhance your comfort. Working at Smiles by Pocock gives her the “professional obligation” to be fanatical about details – which she is anyway – so she really loves her job. Seeing the transformation in patients, in their smile and also in their self confidence, brings Jordanna a great sense of fulfillment. In her free time, she loves watching movies with her dog.

Sharon Pocock

Sharon Pocock – Reception

Sharon began her career as a Registered Nurse working in hospitals; ICUs, mid-wifery and other specialized care that Nurses deliver around the world (she’s a global girl). Owning a successful retail store gave an 8 year break from medical services before she started managing her then young husband’s new practice. Patients can rely on Sharon to provide medical and technical insight into treatments like Cleft Palate corrections which can feel so overwhelming for families. Sharon is focused on the humanity of the business. Sharon is the den-mother of our office and all our little patients. She’s grateful for her work, for her family, and for the wonderful patients and parents she gets to meet every day.

Jan Myles

Jan Myles – Ortho CDA, Financial Coordinator

Jan is a Certified Dental Assistant but has been in charge of the financials for Smiles by Pocock since 1997. Recognizing the enormous positive impact that orthodontics can have on a person’s life; Jan works diligently to ensure that a patient’s financial situation is not a barrier to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. You can rely on Jan to provide accurate and insightful financial information and solutions in a format that is personalized to your family needs. Feel free to ask her anything about the plans that are available as she is responsible for all the contracts and payments of the business. On the weekend? “let’s face it, I’m doing house work.” says Jan. And we’re grateful that she’s keeping our accounts clean also!

Shannon Lebeau

Shannon Lebeau – Ortho CDA, Treatment Coordinator

Our most recent addition to the Smiles by Pocock Team, Shannon thoroughly enjoys her interactions with all of the new Patients who join us each week. Building a rapport with the patients while taking X-rays and photos and answering all your questions is a welcome change from her backgound as a CDA in general dentistry. You will also find Shannon changing elastics, clipping wires and removing separators whenever the office is really busy. Her keen attention to detail ensures your braces are comfortable and your treatment process is seamless. Shannon’s personal hand in the Care Commitment is particularly helpful with children as most of her career has been in Pediatric Dentistry – so she also understands the importance of the Smiles Reward Program. When she’s not helping to create your spectacular patient experience, you’ll find Shannon cheering on the Canucks with her family and friends.

Samantha Whiting

Samantha Whiting – Ortho CDA

Sam graduated from Dental School in 1996 and joined the Pocock family in 2005, bonding braces and tightening wires ever since. You can rely on Sam to pay exquisite attention to detail as she mounts each bracket – realizing that her work will be in your mouth for the next 2 years. She is grateful to work for a family practice that recognizes family values and has allowed her to be an active and engaged mother to her 3 sons. Yep – she understands boys. Two of her sons are already part of the smiling legacy of Dr. Pocock and the 3rd son, just turning 8yrs old, is excited for his turn in the chair. You’ll see her mothering instinct in our Care Commitment and you’ll find her hiking in the forest after dropping the kids off at school, every chance she gets.

Norma Klemola

Norma Klemola - Ortho CDA

Norma has been certified since 2004 and we have been blessed to have her on our team for almost her entire Dental career. Her daily tasks include the standard braces servicing; impression scanning and adjustments, and she holds a particular passion for the patients who might require a different style or delivery process. You can rely on Norma to be extra sensitive and capable with any special needs or challenges that might be part of your family. “It’s all about the patients – that’s all we have – and everyone is important.” She is the proud (and humorous) mother of two Smiles by Pocock Graduates; and loves hiking or biking around Port Coquitlam.

Kathy Palidwor

Kathy Palidwor - Ortho CDA

Buckle up – Kathy has been doing this for 38 years! Nineteen of which have been with Smiles by Pocock. There really isn't anything that Kathy hasn’t seen or heard from the chair. As she works through the various cases of the day, Kathy has a way with our children that can only come from being a CDA since before some of the parents were born. She can testify to the fundamental difference the Smiles Rewards Program makes in the child (and adult) patient experience. “There are so many things that orthodontists can do to make their patients feel more comfortable and even excited to come back. Dr. Pocock does those things and our office is different because of it.” In her time off? Give her a reclining chair in the sunshine with a cold drink please.

June Austin

June Austin - Ortho CDA

June has been a Certified Dental Assistant since 1988 and a happy member of the Smiles by Pocock Team since 2001. The majority of her daily activities keep her beside the chairs, and you will also see June's contribution to the Smiles by Pocock Facebook page and some of our exciting contests for the Smiles Rewards Program. June has a special place in her heart for the babies who come to Dr. Pocock for Cleft Palate treatments and she pays particularly close attention to the basic dental hygiene of all our patients; ensuring the Care Commitment is upheld by both sides (so keep flossing!). June is always available to answer questions and make sure you understand everything about your treatment process. Meeting new people each week is what keeps June passionate about her work and this “Karaoke Queen” is always ready to bust out in song – so feel free to make a request!

Tristan Pocock – Lab Technician

Tristan has been part of the Pocock family since he was born. He has been working full-time with the family business since 2008 after a 2 year apprenticeship. Tristan forms and builds the variety of appliances used in our standard and specialty services. Pouring models, making adjustments, repairs and the fine tweaks that make your appliance comfortable are the focus of his day; with research into the latest techniques and materials consuming any free moment. Patients can rely on Tristan to provide laser-point accuracy in the manufacturing and refining of your appliance. An open ear to feedback from colleagues and patients means your comfortable and effective treatment will get started as quickly as possible. His weekly pursuit of perfection begins with a walk to work and ends with round of golf or a run down Whistler - on skis – “a board can’t take me where my skis can.”

Nicole Cahill - Ortho CDA, Treatment Coordinator

Nicole has been working in the orthodontic field since 1993. In her over 20 years of experience, she has spent 12 of those years working with Dr. Paul Pocock in his Surrey practice. Nicole has trained in the clinic and her daily activities include TMT coordinationg, administrative duties and helping out wherever needed! She has 2 young daughters who are active in both dance and soccer. In her downtime Nicole enjoys yoga, running and cooking.

Dr. Travis Gibson - Orthodontist

Dr. Travis Gibson was born and raised in North Vancouver. He attended the University of British Columbia for both his bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry, and his Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degrees. After graduating, Dr. Gibson practiced as a general dentist in northern BC, before once again returning to UBC to obtain his Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Craniofacial Science and Diploma in Orthodontics.

After completing his orthodontic education, Dr Gibson spent a year in the Craniofacial Orthodontic Fellowship at New York University, where he gained extensive experience in treating complex orthodontic problems such as cleft lip and palate. Dr Gibson remains involved in research to help improve children’s cleft and craniofacial care at both New York University and BC Children’s Hospital.

In the office, Dr Gibson believes in the importance of an honest and open partnership between patient, family, and doctor. He works hard to ensure each person understands their unique treatment needs and options, so that they can make an informed decision on what is best for them. Dr Gibson loves orthodontics, and is always happy to share his passion for his work with others!

In his free time, Dr Gibson likes to spend time with his family. He and his wife recently welcomed identical twin boys into the world! Dr Gibson also enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and camping.

Dr. Paul Pocock

Dr. Paul Pocock – Orthodontist

Dr. Paul Pocock is a graduate of the Royal Dental Hospital in London, U.K. and a graduate of the U.W.O. Orthodontic Program in London, Ontario. As a small boy, Dr. Pocock always wanted to be a Dentist and was very content practicing general Dentistry in England and Australia before moving to Canada. While living in Quesnel, Paul and his wife Sharon noticed a lack of specialty orthodontic services available to the interior BC. Beginning with correspondence courses through UBC; Paul and Sharon briefly moved their family to Ontario for Paul to finish his Orthodontic studies before returning to BC and settling in the North Shore area.

At Smiles by Pocock, an average day starts with Dr. Pocock leading the Team Meeting where the goals are set and the work is planned for the day. Any New Patient exams are attended by Dr. Pocock while he supports the Service Team in their work with patients. Building Treatment Plans for new patients is how Dr. Pocock’s experience and scientific insight determine the proper technology and process for creating another beautiful healthy smile.

Dr. Pocock is also engaged in ongoing correspondence, collaborating with other specialists on unique and complex problems from around the world. Some of his most fulfilling work has been with Cleft Palate cases where a babies’ face and their parent’s outlook on life can be completely transformed before baby is even walking. Working in this complex area of orthodontics has taken Dr. Pocock throughout North America, the UK and China, lecturing students and colleagues. In 2010, Dr. Pocock was invited to become a member of the prestigious Angle Society which shows a high level of achievement and recognition from Orthodontic and Dentofacial Professionals.

In the years of Orthodontic practice since 1975, Dr. Pocock has come to realize that he works in a field which can actually deliver self-esteem. “It doesn’t feel like work to me – when I can have a direct impact on the way a young person sees themselves in the mirror – I consider it more a privilege than a job.” On the rare occasions when Dr. Pocock is not at the office or otherwise engaged in professional projects; he is most likely to be boating or cycling. Even his beloved sport of cycling has become one of his favorite ways to support good causes (hint to any patients with a cycling fundraiser).

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