INVISALIGN & ACCELEDENT: Two Great Technologies That Work Together To Give You A Beautiful Smile Twice As Fast As In The Past!

Written on Tuesday August 08, 2017
INVISALIGN & ACCELEDENT: Two Great Technologies That Work Together To Give You A Beautiful Smile Twice As Fast As In The Past!

Invisalign and AcceleDent are two really great technologies that totally compliment one another. Invisalign uses a series of clear teeth aligners and AcceleDent is an appliance that fits into your mouth and vibrates your teeth for a short period of time each day. Put these two technologies together and the orthodontic process can really speed up! Here’s how it works.


You simply come into the office and we will scan your teeth. There are no more old impressions. The computerized scanner scans your teeth and then in minutes will show you how your teeth are going to look after your treatment is complete.


Once your case is diagnosed your custom fit aligners will be manufactured. Basically you will have a whole series of Invisalign aligners that will slip over your teeth. Each aligner is slightly different than the one before, and so they gradually move your teeth.

There is a lot of technology and computer power built into making a very simple looking piece of plastic and it’s amazing that technology allows us to do now what we used to do with metal braces. Best of all, your aligners are virtually invisible to the eye when you are wearing them.


The second technology or appliance is AcceleDent. It uses pulsing technology or micro vibrations to help move the teeth. We have been told that the vibrations sound and feel a bit like a cat purring. This vibrating frequency encourages cells to come to the roots of the teeth and this is what allows the teeth to move more quickly.

The medical community has used this vibrational technology for years to help speed up the mending of long bones when they wouldn’t heal properly. Then someone had the brilliant idea to apply this same technology to the mouth in order to get teeth to move faster.

We can use AcceleDent with traditional braces as well, but the technology works particularly well with Invisalign because we believe it helps seat the aligners onto your teeth a little better. Plus, the pulsing technology makes the whole process a little more comfortable for both traditional braces and the Invisalign aligners.


When we combine these two great technologies, we can move your teeth much faster. So, in the past when Dr. Pocock might have said to you, “You’re going to have braces for two years or so”. Now he says, “We can do it with Invisalign and AcceleDent and get it done in about 12 months - or half the time.” That means you get a beautiful new smile twice as fast as in the past. And that’s makes everyone smile!

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