How can the Orthodontist help with my sleep apnea?

On your first visit, the Dr. Pocock will thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth and may use X-rays to confirm your oral health status. Dental impressions are required to fabricate an oral appliance, which are then sent to the laboratory where the appliance is made. Once the appliance is made, it will be inserted by one of our service team members, who will show you how to insert and remove it yourself, how to clean it and care for it when you are not using it.  Once you have been using the appliance regularly and notable relief of symptoms, such as improvement in daytime sleepiness and elimination or lessening of snoring has occurred, Dr. Pocock will refer you back to your sleep physician to determine how effectively the appliance is relieving your snoring and OSA.  You will continue to visit us at regular intervals (usually over at least a 12-month time period), and we will work with you to maintain and modify your oral appliance so that it remains effective

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